Can You Have a Puppy and Nice Furniture?
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Can You Have a Pet and Good Furnishings?

Q: My accomplice and I are in a four-legged standoff. He desires a pet as a result of, “Puppies!” I don’t as a result of we simply adorned our fantastic Cobble Hill residence. I can already see a pet turning the wooden legs of our espresso desk into his favourite chew toy. And what about our poor sisal rug? My accomplice insists that folks with canine have good furnishings, and ours will survive if we practice our pet. I’m not so positive. Who’s proper?

A: A pet can actually destroy a set of couch cushions in minutes. However as your accomplice factors out, individuals with good furnishings do have canine. So how do they do it? By setting — and sticking to — guidelines about how and the place their pet can roam till it’s sufficiently old to be reliable.

Earlier than bringing a pet residence, you and your accomplice must agree on how you’ll defend your good stuff. “It’s not nearly coaching a pet, it’s about getting everyone on board,” stated Andrea Arden, a canine coach in Manhattan.

For those who don’t need pee stains on the sisal rug, don’t present a possibility to go there. Roll up the rug till the canine is sufficiently housebroken, or hold it off it always. The identical goes for all the lounge furnishings — if the pet doesn’t have entry to the espresso desk legs, it might’t chew them.

Crate the pet when you’ll be able to’t supervise it, and use child gates or pens to restrict the place it might roam. At different instances, hold it on a leash within the residence so it’s at all times inside arm’s size.

Ultimately a canine can be reliable sufficient to take a seat in your lounge. Chances are you’ll even belief it in your couch. Or, you might have considered trying a canine that by no means sits on human furnishings. And that’s OK. Simply set the rule instantly, and as soon as the canine is allowed in the lounge, practice it to chill out at your toes.

If all this corralling looks like a burden, take into account adopting an grownup canine as a substitute. “It’s not such as you’re going to get an grownup canine who’s going to be like Lassie,” Ms. Arden stated, however “typically talking, getting an grownup canine could be much less taxing in your furnishing.” Possibly much less taxing in your relationship, too.

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