29 Funny Philosophical Questions To Make You Think And Laugh
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29 Humorous Philosophical Questions To Make You Assume And Giggle

Is it regular to really feel this nervous?

In any case, you’re trying ahead to a date with somebody who fascinates you.

And whilst you often don’t have an issue discovering issues to speak about, you wouldn’t thoughts an inventory of humorous, philosophical questions on life.

What higher strategy to get the dialog began than with humor?

It’s labored nicely for you previously, and it’ll assist put you each extra comfy with one another.

So, what are humorous inquiries to ask that will even get you each pondering?

29 Humorous Philosophical Questions

1. Can you continue to daydream at evening?

We all know you may have some nice concepts to your nighttime dreaming. However if you happen to’re awake and making an attempt to present your mind some solutions for dream time, is it daydreaming or simply backseat driving?

2. What must you say when God sneezes?

It sounds vaguely aggressive to say, “Bless Your self.” You may simply shorten it to “Bless you” like most of us do, anyway, however the query would stay: whose blessing are you asking for?

3. Why do banks have branches if cash does not develop on bushes?

We’re obsessive about bushes (for good motive), and one of many methods it manifests is in our referring to completely different installations of the identical enterprise as “branches.” What’s it about bushes that make us really feel safer?

4. If milk can spoil within the fridge, why does not it spoil inside cows?

It most likely has to do with the mix of physique warmth and the proper steadiness of micro organism. The milk stays recent till its supply to the meant recipient: the hungry calf.

5. Why are deadly injections sterilized?

Is that this a query of protocol to make sure the identical individuals who administer the deadly injection don’t overlook that step when administering a treatment to another person? Or is it to forestall a zombie rebellion?

6. Which armrest is yours at a movie show?

Holding a big tub of popcorn helps get rid of this downside because you want your arms to maintain the container from tipping over.

Sooner or later, you respect the armrests extra for the cupholders than for the rest.

7. Why do offended drivers yell at different drivers when these drivers cannot hear them?

Possibly it’s cathartic. You get to vent your frustration with out risking an precise struggle with one other driver. In case you’ve bought little ones within the automotive, although, rely on their remembering the worst issues to come back out of your mouth.

8. Why does it take so lengthy for quicksand to work?

For now, let’s ignore the truth that nobody desires quicksand to work any sooner than it does. It’s sooner than stable floor, after all, and that’s dangerous sufficient for anybody unlucky sufficient to step into it.

9. Can greens really feel ache once you chew into them?

Possibly the cooked ones now not do, however what about that tray of recent greens?

And what concerning the potted crops close by, witnessing the carnage? Or do they see our consumption of crops as additional proof of our interdependence?

10. How do towels get soiled if you happen to solely ever use them once you’re clear?

How do clear palms and our bodies change the best way a towel smells? How a lot of the change is because of micro organism within the damp air of the lavatory?

And can you ever use another person’s damp tub towel once more?

11. If we anticipate the surprising, doesn’t the surprising change into anticipated?

How on earth are we purported to anticipate what we don’t anticipate, anyway? This feels type of like “pondering outdoors the field” however with further excessive expectations. Plus, if I anticipated the surprising, I’d by no means go away the home.

12. Why did Cinderella’s shoe fall off if it match completely?

Possibly the fairy godmother didn’t supply half-sizes. Or perhaps one foot was barely smaller than the opposite (extra frequent than you may assume).

13. Why is an artichoke’s coronary heart on its backside?

Is there a motive our hearts are nearer to our mouths than to our exit holes? And who’re we to imagine that’s the best way it needs to be with each dwelling factor?

14. Why do drive-through ATMs have Braille on the quantity pads?

Who was it that checked out a drive-through ATM and mentioned, “How inconsiderate! Why do these quantity pads not have on them? How are blind drivers purported to get their cash if they will’t learn the numbers?”

15. Why do canines like to stay their heads out of a shifting automotive, however they hate it once you blow on their faces?

It could possibly be the wind has higher breath than the common particular person. It may be dryer and general much less gross or obnoxious to your canine.

Truthfully, which might you fairly topic your self to?

16. Why do they nail down the lid of a coffin?

Do they know one thing we don’t? Or is it to maintain funeral company from pilfering issues about to be buried with the deceased — a hoop, a wonderfully good hairpiece, a gold watch…?

17. At what age do you change into an “aged” particular person?

Does the phrase apply when you’ll be able to now not kick excessive sufficient to make the particular person calling you aged remorse it? What can we imply after we describe somebody as “aged”?

18. Do our pets have names for us, too?

And can we wish to know them? Positive, canines most likely have cute names for the people they like. Cats, then again, most likely have demeaning names associated to how we serve them. But we love them, anyway.

19. Why do we’ve seatbelts on planes however not on buses?

If a bus crashes into one thing, all of the passengers lurch ahead. If a aircraft crashes into one thing, everybody dies. Assist me perceive.

20. Why do you get a flotation gadget on a aircraft however not a parachute?

Within the occasion of a water touchdown, most of you’ll drown, anyway. However right here’s a flotation gadget to present you false hope. If somebody opens a facet door mid-light, you gained’t have time to strap on a parachute, anyway.

21. If I slap you with a dictionary, is it thought of bodily or verbal assault?

Can or not it’s each? I feel it needs to be each — two counts of assault from somebody who let a dictionary do all of the exhausting work. On the plus facet, can we respect that printed dictionaries are nonetheless helpful?

22. What’s one other phrase for “synonym”?

In case you’ve donated your thesaurus (as one does), you’ll be able to look this one up on-line and attain the identical conclusion as the remainder of us: There isn’t any one-word synonym for synonym.

And that is is the dumbest query ever.

23. If con is the alternative of professional, is congress the alternative of progress?

Thoughts blown.

So, is it doable to have progress in congress? Or is that an oxymoron? And what’s it about congress, particularly, that impedes progress? And has that been its objective all alongside?

24. Are you dreaming proper now? How have you learnt?

Possibly we’re all dreaming. But when we’re, how can we get up? Or is dreaming by one life after one other the one strategy to study what we have to study to change into totally aware? What’s the endgame?

25. What’s the distinction between a lightweight meal and a big snack?

Is it concerning the whole quantity
of energy, or does it have extra to do with the meals you eat? Can crackers and cheese ever be a meal?

And might a children’ meal ever be a snack?

26. If you got a distinct identify at start, would you be a distinct particular person?

Simply how completely different are the Eustaces and Hortensias of the world from the Johns and Elizabeths?

In case you needed to change your identify, what identify would really feel like the very best match? What identify do you assume may change you?

27. If one in all your dad and mom was a clown, would that make them scarier or extra approachable?

Context is every part. If their clown face is the very last thing you see earlier than you go to mattress, or if you happen to see their disapproving frown behind the creepy, painted smile, you may have years of remedy to stay up for.

28. If nothing sticks to Teflon, how does Teflon stick with the pan?

How do they make it keep on the pan so it could preserve your meals from sticking to it? And the way does that make up  that ultimately find yourself in your meals?


Now you may have 29 humorous existential questions to contemplate, which of them stood out for you? And when are you probably to make use of them?

Possibly you’ll use some in your subsequent date or the subsequent time you hang around with associates. You can too use one in a textual content when checking up on a cherished one.

However if you happen to don’t have event to ask bizarre philosophical questions out loud, you’ll be able to at all times use these as journal prompts to your every day writing.

Asking foolish questions may make you a greater author.

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